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The Deptford Trilogy

The Deptford Trilogy is the name given to three related novels by Canadian novelist, playwright, critic, journalist, and professor Robertson Davies.

The trilogy consists of Fifth Business (1970), The Manticore (1972), and World of Wonders (1975). The series revolves around a simple act—a young boy hides a stone in a snowball and the throws it at another—and the effect this act has on a number of characters.

The Deptford Trilogy has won praise for its narrative voice and its use of character. Fifth Business, in particular, is considered one of Davies' best novels.

The trilogy takes its name from the fictional small village of Deptford, Ontario, based on Davies' native Thamesville. Davies takes three different viewpoints in each of the novels, and approaches each of the novels in different styles.

Each of the main characters of the series has come by twisting paths from their simple village—and each carries a secret that crosses the lives of the others and drives the plot forward. The greatest secret is one that we are not even aware of until the close of the last book, but knowing it finally answers questions about the relationships of several major characters.



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