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A Wilderness Station - Comments on the First Draft Screenplay by Charles K. Pitts

B.C. FILM (Canada):

“This is a very impressive and well-written script. The author develops the story with a sharp cinematic eye…. the plot unfolds within a dazzling and intricate time-juggling structure. The author constructs a “Chinese puzzle box” mystery that holds the interest of the audience to the very last scene. Situations and relationships that appear stereotypical on the surface are introduced, only to be undermined or subverted by new and unexpected information…. It is rare to read a First Draft as surehanded and incisive as this…. This project might ultimately evoke comparisons with the complex mysteries of Angels and Insects, and the feminist empowerment of The Piano. And that’s high praise indeed.”
B.C. Film.


“I would love to see this on Masterpiece [Theatre]. There’s more that’s unique and enigmatic about it than a plot synopsis can describe. The story has mystery, and violence, and a kind of truth about it: the truth about the past, how it works on us, how strange memory is, how people do things and “forget” they did them. It’s a version of the settlement of the west that has never been seen before. I hope you’ll talk to Mr. Charles K. Pitts… this is a very worthwhile project.”
Kathleen Cahill, Report to Rebecca Eaton, WGBH

BBC, (UK) :

“This is a really good piece - moving and sensitively written.”
Ruth Caleb, BBC Drama.

PrimeTime, (UK) :

“It is well written, and full of good parts, with many exciting patches. With a star playing ANNIE it will work in the same genre as Ethan Frome worked”
Shaun Sutton, Report to Richard Price.



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