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Charles K Pitts





Novalis Entertainment Ltd. develops and produces high quality literary adaptations for Film and Television. Our core competancies include all aspects of intellectual property rights.

The President and CEO of Novalis Entertainment is Charles K. Pitts

Mr. Pitts’ previous films include the award-winning CBC Movie Lives of Girls and Women, and the feature film Edge of Madness, currently available in DVD and VHS.

Novalis’s current project is a 6-hour adaptation of The Deptford Trilogy by Robertson Davies : Fifth Business, The Manticore, and World of Wonders.

The Rights to the Deptford Trilogy - the most famous trilogy in Canadian literature - have been ‘buried’ for 30 years, and no film has ever been made from these stellar books until now.

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Robertson Davies
" For some time I have been struggling to do a film treatment of FIFTH
BUSINESS, which Norman Jewison asked me for.... I am getting nowhere. I have no luck reshaping something I have written as a novel into another form."

ROBERTSON DAVIES, March 11, 1992, From a letter to Elliot Hayes., p.267 in FOR YOUR EYE ALONE

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